An Elephant Draws an Illustration of Another Elephant

This post has a video where you can watch an elephant painting a gorgeous illustration of an elephant holding on to a flower. Those who see it are going to be flabbergasted as the elephant unfold her talent while carefully completing each and every stroke. Her mahout guided her right through the drawing with words and his tender touch provides the she elephant with the much needed confidence. She keeps her focus at the work at hand and looks as if enjoying the support of the onlookers, besides the banana and sugar cane treat that she is presented from time to times. The complete part of the training of the she elegant is reward based.


elephant-painting-1 has been touched so much by their awful backgrounds and tender personalities and it currently supports, “starved Elephant Artisans. It does so by selling off their paintings such that they are able to continue their new livelihood in Thailand. One can get a print of such artwork for $15.

A number of Thai elephant connoisseurs are of the opinion that continued existence of the elephant species of Asian is most likely to depend on excellent was in which the elephants are treated in well administered elephant camps that are privately owned.


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