Hailey Baldwin Is In Love With Justin Bieber

What is the feeling that JB has for Hailey? It seems that the love that Hailey has for her is joint. While being interviewed by GQ magazine Justin had made use of the identical word when discussing the blonde model. Hailey Baldwin, who’ a singer, stated her to be someone he really loves.”

Though rumors had started to go around that this pair had been dating both of the young stars have stayed reserved regarding their liaison.


The blonde haired beauty made an attempt at clearing up the gossips through her discussion with E News. She stated that they aren’t a special couple. Liaisons at such a time in one’s life are already intricate, but she said that was against talking about this matter as it’s something between her and Hailey.

Instagram,Hailey BaldwinInstagram/Hailey Baldwin

Despite that fact that Justin and Hailey are tossing about the “love” statement, they are yet to technically admit that they’ve been dating. Going by what they’ve shared on Instagram, it looks as if that they’re involved in a relationship. Hailey as well as Justin have been sharing photos of them hanging around together out & locking lips. BH had even requested Hailey to be a part of to his family holiday outing

nstagram Justin Bieber

Instagram/Justin Bieber

Source: obsev.com

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