People Afflicted With Cotard’s Syndrome Really Consider Themselves To Be Dead

walking dead

With motion pictures such as 28 Days Later & Zombieland, along with the television called “Walking Dead” it is apparent that our fascination with zombies has gone up exponentially with passion decades. While we’re aware that zombies are not tangible, people afflicted by Cotard’s syndrome are not People who are suffering from mental sickness really consider themselves to be dead. The sickness has got its name from Jules Cotard, who’s a neurologist from France and was the first to diagnose a medical case where a lady patient considered herself to be dead.

Though it might sound very creepy this ailment is real. Several patients have stated that they consider their brain to be dead, their organs to be rotting, or their heart to have stopped beating. Though it could sound unusual, it’s also really deadly on being left untreated. Since patients consider themselves to have died, they withdraw from indispensable means for survival, such as sleeping, eating, & having first-rate hygiene.

According to Michael Birnbaum, MD, she has had the experience of working with patients who considered themselves to have died and to be in heaven / hell and that their body has stopped functioning.

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