The Enjoyment Gats Marred When The Plot Gets Revealed

The motion picture “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” that has been much-awaited, finally got released in the theaters of USA on the 18th of December of the previous year. Those who weren’t already in the queue for seeing the foremost screenings could be apprehensive about spoilers messing up the experience.


Credit: © Lucasfilm Ltd.

However, now technology is there for nullifying your fears. A study that has been recently revealed that such spoilers or revealing of crucial plot information, could not mess up an experience totally, but could diminish anxiety and curtail general enjoyment.

Benjamin Johnson, the corresponding author of this study stated that our study/research is the foremost to demonstrate that prevalent beliefs of people regarding spoilers being detrimental are really justifiable and not an allegory.

Johnson along with his associates requested 412 university apprentices to read quite a few little narratives that they had not laid their eyes in before. Ahead of reading, such students were provided with summaries with a few of these revealing spoilers. The students subsequently rated the narratives, depicting if they found the narratives appealing, poignant and gripping or not.

The scientists said they were curious to find if their tests would corroborate results from a 2011 study published in the journal Psychological Science. That research, somewhat unexpectedly, suggested that people actually enjoy an experience more, at least some of the time, after hearing spoilers.

In the fresh study, narratives having had been “spoiled” had been given a rating of being less poignant, less compelling, and less triumphant at drawing the attention of readers into a plot world and presenting them with a riveting experience.

To put it simply what the researchers came to knower was that people who are not aware of a story and the course that it will take, their experience is more enjoyable and pleasurable, the researchers found.

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